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Corporate Turnkey Solutions™

A Five-Step Process Creating a Customized Strategy to Achieve The Optimal Real Estate Solution

Our proprietary Corporate Turnkey Solutions, “demystifies” the real estate process and provides the information you need to make educated decisions. Our goal is to reduce your real estate costs and increase your profitability.

Using our Corporate Turnkey Solutions we initiate a collaborative process to attain maximum value for our clients. We provide numerous services for our clients’ benefit such asmarket analysis, space planning and lease negotiations.

Utilizing our Corporate Turnkey Solutions, we handle all the time-consuming tasks–including market research, the bidding process, negotiations, analysis, and more–so you can concentrate on running your business.

Client Testimonials

You put us in the driver’s seat by negotiating on the buildings, creating spreadsheets of the landlords’ proposals, assisting with the space planning and lease negotiations. I appreciate your thorough and detailed approach which was a unique change from the other brokers we had experienced. — Anthony T. Mazzei, President
National Financial Network, LLC